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The next step in secure unattended retail


Shekel Brainweigh Retail Innovation division is proud to present: hubz

Based on our Product Aware Technology, recognizing products by their weight and location on the shelf, together with our partners, we are proud to introduce hubz – the next generation of secure unattended retail.




Offer a truly secure solution. The hubz smart stores are only accessible when a customer presents a payment option.



Quick, easy customer checkout. Product recognition sensors and machine learning algorithms track exactly what product is selected.



Choose from a variety of different display options to sell a diverse range of products and maximize sales.



Use powerful tools to maximize inventory efficiency, optimize service, and increase space-to-sales.

Introducing hubz


Our Goal Is to Help Businesses Embrace the Next Step of Unattended Retail

hubz Smart Stores offer a secure way for business to sell any product, anywhere, anytime. Organizations can tap into locations that are underserved by traditional unattended retail like vending machines or micro markets.



lobby hubz coolerOffer ultimate convenience to your customers - a secure way to sell any product, anywhere, anytime. With a point of sale that can only be accessed when presented with payment, sell your goods in almost any location.

Bring unattended retail into untapped locations - like schools, hospitals, malls, transit stations, colleges, and more - opening up a world of possibilities.


Brought to you by the Best Names in Unattended Retail

hubz is a partnership we created with two industry leaders: Parlevel Systems, and Imbera. Our collaboration is truly greater than the sum of its parts - our shared knowledge in management systems, product recognition tools, and product displays combine to create the most advanced solution unattended retail has to offer.

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