Our History

Shekel Brainweigh is a well-established technology market leader revolutionizing the retail industry for more than 40 years. The company combined physics, electronics and software expertise to develop digital scale technology. This technology, first implemented into self-checkout (SCO) systems by our retail partners, gave Shekel the reputation as an innovator for solutions to the global retail market. Following the last years of disruption in the retail market, the company has reinvented itself embracing the newest technologies of IoT and data analytics to enhance and enlarge its offering to the retail market, enabling retailers to adapt to the dramatic changes taking place.

In November 2018, the company launched on the Australian Stock Exchange as Shekel Brainweigh (ASX:SBW). The company has evolved into a retail technology leader transforming a retail shelf into a source of enlightening insights with its ability to identify a product by its weight.

Our Mission

Shekel Brainweigh’s mission is to develop and seamlessly deploy state of the art IoT weighing sensors and AI technologies to digitize on-shelf activity into valuable retail insights.

Through dedicated teamwork with our highly trained professionals, we strive to achieve excellence through constant innovation and to deliver to the benefit of our customers.

By doing so we provide retailers solutions for a better shopping experience; better self-checkout; savings on labor costs; 24/7 product availability, flexible planogram, and eventually driving autonomous retail.


We are proud to appear on #Deloitte's #RetailTech map where Israeli startups are mapped according to the business challenges facing retailers in Israel and around the world.

The mapping was published by @Deloitteisrael and launched as part of #thefutureofretailtech report which helps understand how to cope with the sector's major shifts and provides key tools to thrive in an ever-changing market.

We would like to thank our employees for the hard work and Deloitte for the recognition.